Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Pen That Checks Spelling As You Write On Paper

A German startup has developed a smartpen named Lernstift (German for "learning pen") which can check spelling as you write with it on paper. The pen vibrates when it detects any spelling mistake. At a time when digital devices like Laptops and iPads are getting increasingly integrated in school education and spell check as a feature is taken for granted even on mobile phones,  this device can bring the fun back to writing with hand.

The device also works without paper so instead of typing the text message on the small touchscreen of your phone and dealing with T9 dictionary you can use Lernstift and write the message in air!

To accomplish this the pen packs in nifty electronics inside comprising of a processor running embedded linux, motion sensor wifi, vibration modules and a battery. The prototype of the pen is ready and the founders are trying to raise funds at Kickstarter for commercial production. Here is the Kickstarter pitch for Lernstift:

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